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picture of owner of Donna Westerkamp

About Donna

Internationally-Featured Quilt Designer

Donna Westerkamp is an internationally-featured quilt designer and Etsy shop owner. Her design style features modern, simple designs, with a twist on traditional. Quilter customer describe her patters as "fun to make" and "easy to follow". You may have seen Donna's quilts published in Irish Quilting Magazine, AQS Calendar, and The Wicked Book by Cherrywood Fabrics.

Her career began with making cloth dolls and selling her original designs to several major magazines, many of which were cover features. She then freelanced sewing and craft ideas with a team of designers for Ben Franklin magazine and Lee Wards stores.

When life got busy at home, as the mother of 5 sons and 1 daughter, she found that quilting by hand was all she could do in the doctor’s offices and at sports fields. She has been designing quilts for local quilt shops and Internet stores, including her own Etsy shop, ever since. In 2008, she started along arm quilting business, providing beautiful finishes for her clients using custom, free-motion quilting.

Donna is a member of the Faithful Circle Quilt Guild, and Past President of the Northern Illinois Long Arm Guild.


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